Innovation book for social enterprises

Social entrepreneurship has become a ‘hot topic’ at the European and global level as well as in countries such as the UK, Denmark and Italy. They are ahead of Finland in utilization of such enterprises. Due to, e.g., population ageing, problems in financing public sector services and the need to utilize intangible assets more effectively (human capital, organizational know-how and networks), such enterprises have a major potential in the society. Social and societal value is created by providing better services more cost-effectively, while focusing on sustainability from the points of view of personnel and customers.

Social enterprises are often seen as a source of new and innovative solutions to persistent societal problems and a means for better inclusion of employees and customers. Because social enterprises combine business logic and social goals, they have vast potential to renew business and social life; therefore, it is vital to understand how their creation can be initiated and supported.

Innovation book for social enterprises advises, guides and inspires social entrepreneurs as well as those seeking information on this important topic. As far as we know, this is one of the few manuals about innovation for social enterprises but will hopefully not remain so. One example of the contents  is the participatory design of one social enterprise linking this theme to living labs and co-creation.

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