CleanAcceptance – project explores energy efficiency and renewable energy technologies in housing from consumer perspective

This project contributes to the development of sustainable, low-carbon community. CleanAcceptance –project aims at understanding consumers values, needs and value creation process concerning low-carbon related technologies in housing. This is explored with people in different situations of life: students, adults and ageing people.

The main goal is to find and identify the low carbon models of housing and develop the existing ones from the perspective of the user. To reach the main goal this project has been divided to four sub goals: 1) The identification of micro level mechanisms and processes that promote low carbon housing; 2) The development and dissemination of the user knowledge to aid the development of the related business sector to support the increased use of low carbon solutions; 3) The building of the Low Carbon Roadmap; 4) The increase of people’s knowledge in the need for and means to achieve low carbon society.

CleanAcceptance –project is funded by European Regional Development Fund / Regional Council of Päijät-Häme and LUT.

Further information: Suvi Konsti-Laakso, suvi.konsti-laakso(at)


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