Living Lab Philosophy | Levels of user involvement

What is the Lahti Living Lab?

Lahti Living Lab brings people into the centre of innovation. The Living Lab believes that the needs of the user and the consumer are paramount in developing products, services and solutions. The purpose is to help companies and organisations develop their products so they are user-centred and to have consumers participate in the innovation process. At the same time, new solutions and business opportunities are sought amongst rising trends and weak signals.

Lahti Living Lab’s laboratory is located where the people are; at home, school, the workplace, in town and among hobbyists. Products, services and solutions are developed and tested in real surroundings. End-users actively participate in product development.

Lahti Living Lab is also a base bringing together public corporations, companies, academia and users. Its membership in the European-wide Living Lab network gives Lahti Living Lab the power and ideas to innovate and helps bring international research and development projects to the Päijät-Häme area.

Instead than on technologies, the focus at Lahti Living Lab is on people and their ideas.

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